Your task is to write a research paper on an area in Educational Psychology. Yo
Your task is to write a research paper on an area in Educational Psychology. Your paper should go beyond the textbook and class lectures to explore a specific area in depth. Possible topics are listed below. If you would like to choose a different topic, you must have that approved by me. The focus of this paper is to use academic resources as the principle basis of your paper. I want you to gather, interpret, and document this information in your paper. I would like you to be able to take a position based on this information and find evidence that supports this position. This paper should demonstrate that you are: § Able to identify, locate, read, and understand education research materials § Capable of “critical thinking,” as distinct from the kind of summarizing of information you were taught to do in high school. In the research paper, you must demonstrate your comprehension of the research you have read. This may mean finding common ground or contradictions among the scholars, supporting or disagreeing with one or another; locating weaknesses, extending their theories, or applying their findings to other contexts or objects. § Able to communicate your skills as a reader, researcher, and critical thinker by writing a logically organized, clearly written paper with an identifiable thesis that is illustrated, and supported by quotations, paraphrases and summaries of your research. The paper will include: § A well-defined research topic. § *A literature review summarizing the research and writing in the field. Your references need to be from scholarly, peer-reviewed journals and books (you may use your textbook as one of the sources). § Following the literature review, you are to do to one of the following: § Based upon the research, what is your original idea or theory? § Based upon the research, what are the applications of this research for teachers? § An abstract at the beginning of your paper. *Literature reviews are summaries of research that help provide the content of your paper. Technical Guidelines: Text is to be typed, spell and grammar checked, and proof read. Use one inch borders all around the page and 12 point type. Use an easy to read font, such as Times New Roman, Calibri or Arial. Double space the text. Late papers will be accepted up to 24 hours past the due date with a 50% deduction. Do your own work. Do not copy; do not plagiarize. Learn to paraphrase when reporting previously published information. Direct quotes should be placed in quotation marks and correctly referenced. When in doubt, cite your sources. Formatting should be in the APA style. This is the style that is used for Education. For help with APA style, refer to: You must have at least 5 professional references/sources. Your paper should be no less than ten full pages in length (this does not include the title page and references page---again, the title page and references do not count toward your ten full page minimum requirement). If you do not meet the minimum length requirement, points will be deducted. You also need to understand that meeting the minimum length requirement does not ensure you will receive full credit.

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