You will write a rough draft and workshop it with your team – The topic is up to
You will write a rough draft and workshop it with your team – The topic is up to you, but you must choose a film or work of literature from the syllabus. The paper must also engage the course material (Art of War, Postmodernism) and have an argumentative thesis. Please use MLA format for citation style. 1) Does the paper begin with a compelling title? 5 2) Is the paper in the proper MLA format? 3) Are quotes incorporated smoothly (5 secondary sources must be used; tag all quotes; don’t “drop quotes”)? 4) Is the paper the appropriate length (7-10 page final draft)? 5) Does the paper contain a compelling argumentative thesis? (This point is very important.) 6) Does the essay contain independent, critical argument and analysis? (This point is very important.) 7) Is there a clear organizational strategy? 8) Are topic sentences and transitional sentences used to guide the reader? 9) Are paragraphs well developed – supporting or proving the thesis is correct – perhaps engaging in close reading of key scenes from films? Is the writing deeply analytical? (Also very important.) 10) Is there evidence of careful proofreading (for MLA format, typos, grammar, punctuation, spelling)? 11) Does the essay stay focused on the topic – (choose one film or work of literature from the syllabus, examine the entire piece, assert an argumentative thesis in relation to that work)? 12) Does the essay engage the course material and show evidence of close reading of that material? 1 3) Does the essay display excellent writing – avoiding wordiness and awkward phrasing? Sample Thesis: In Charlie Chaplin’s film, “The Great Dictator” represents comedic war propaganda through the use of sarcastic characteristics of the Nazis and Hitler to illicit political motion on the part of the United States. Please provide citations for the quotes and sources used throughout the essay. It must have a clear thesis stated in the beginning and restated at the end of the essay.

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