• You have the right to use as much as required references (not older than
• You have the right to use as much as required references (not older than 5 years old). • Kindly refer to Previous chapters for analysis and discussions in attachments. • Note that sampling technique were modified to be purposive sampling instead of cluster sampling. • Use Smart PLS for Data analysis (refer to the survey result in the attached Excel sheet) • The chapters must include the following sections, you have the right to add any important sections to the analysis, results and discussion. • Refer to attached page (Guidelines of Chapter 4 & 5) for university guidelines of writing thesis chapters. • Graphs or tables to be added as needed • No plagiarism, please. Chapter 4: Results and Discussion 4.1 Introduction 4.2 Response Rate 4.3 Frequency Analysis Result 4.4 Reliability Analysis Result 4.5 Descriptive Analysis 4.6 Factor Analysis 4.7 Regression analysis and other tools 4.8 Discussion of Findings 4.9 Summary of chapter Chapter 5: Conclusion and Recommendations 5.1 Introduction 5.2 Summary of the Findings 5.2.1 Research Objective 1 5.2.2 Research Objective 2 5.2.3 Research Objective 3 5.3 Contribution of the study 5.3.1 Knowledge 5.3.2 Industry 5.3.3 Policy Maker 5.4 Limitation of Present Study 5.5 Direction for Future Study 5.6 Conclusion

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