You are required to use two articles. The second article should be one of the fo
You are required to use two articles. The second article should be one of the following: Confirmation Bias: Rajsic, J., Wilson, D. E., & Pratt, J. (2015). Confirmation bias in visual search. Journal of Experimental Psychology, 41(5), 1353–1364. Mere Exposure Effect: Montoya, R. M., Horton, R. S., Vevea, J. L., Citkowicz, M., & Lauber, E. A. (2017). A re-examination of the mere exposure effect: The influence of repeated exposure on recognition, familiarity, and liking. Psychological Bulletin, 143(5), 459–498. Halo Effect: Bradley, S. W., Roberts, J. A., & Bradley, P. W. (2019). Experimental evidence of observed social media status cues on perceived likability. Psychology of Popular Media, 8(1), 41–51. Review the Thinking, Feeling, and Believing Assignment Template [DOCX] you will use to write your paper. You may use the following resources to supplement the information you find in your textbook and scholarly journal articles: Confirmation Bias: Cherry, K. (2020). How confirmation bias works. Very Well Mind. Halo Effect: Causey, K., & Goetz, A. (2009). The halo effect in overdrive. Psychology Today. Mere Exposure Effect: Jansen, G. (2010, October 1). Mere exposure effect. Instructions Summarize the case study. Describe credible and scholarly sources relevant to a particular theory. Apply a social psychological theory to a chosen case study. Explain how social psychological research studies relate to a particular social psychological theory. Apply an ethical reasoning concept to a chosen case study. Apply a critical thinking concept to a chosen case study. Review the key points. Create a text in the third person, adhering to conventions of academic tone. Uses APA-style citations and book, journal references, website, magazine, and blog posts. Utilize various resources covered in the previous weeks including journals, books, websites, magazines, or blogs.

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