You are required to answer two (2) essays to complete your exam. These essays m
You are required to answer two (2) essays to complete your exam. These essays must be double-spaced, with a minimum of 250 words each, but not exceed 350 words. If not double-spaced, you will lose 1 full point before I grade this essay. Please check the word count. Also, for the essays only, please offer citation and reference, if warranted. My assessment will include proper grammar, punctuation, spelling and word usage. Essay #1 - Name and define the four generations that are working in today’s workplace. Which generation do you feel will have the most challenge of working in the next decade, due to the increased use of technology. OR Essay #2 – What is the EEOC and how does the EEO support us as employees? Would you ever consider filing a charge of discrimination against your employer? Respond with a Yes or No and offer your rationale for why you would or would not file a charge of discrimination against an employer. OR Essay #3 – How could you go about diagnosing an employee’s performance problems? List several factors (at least two) to consider. OR Essay #4 – Describe why an organization should conduct new hire orientation. What are three items that can be used in an employee new hire orientation program? OR Essay #5 – What are two approaches to create flexible work schedules in organizations? After naming these two approaches, describe why these alternative work schedules are critical today for organizations.

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