Week 7 Introduction This week, we will be covering correlation, linear regressi
Week 7 Introduction This week, we will be covering correlation, linear regression, and chi-square tests. Correlation and linear regression are commonly used to understand the relationship between two quantitative variables. Chi-square tests are used with qualitative variables: Goodness-of-Fit, with one categorical qualitative variable and Test of Independence, with two categorical qualitative variables. There are many real-life situations where these statistical techniques are used. Your supplemental readings are included in each week's learning content area and contain additional explanation of concepts covered in the text as well as information on how to use free applets, where appropriate, to perform calculations. As always, let me know if you have questions by posting in the "Ask the Professor" discussion area. Week 7 Outcomes At the end of this week, you will be able to: Perform linear correlation and regression. Perform hypothesis testing using Chi-square distribution................ The purpose of this discussion is to have students think about situations where the results of correlation analysis have been misinterpreted and situations where the use of linear regression might be applicable in a chosen field or work situation.

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