We are currently looking at different linguistic models, including Critical Lang
We are currently looking at different linguistic models, including Critical Language Studies (CLS) and Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA), which can aid in analysing and understanding various types of discourse. For this assignment, utilising CDA or CLS, you will apply what you have learned about the study of language, power and persuasion to one to three examples of text (data) as found in Toronto newspaper articles WRITTEN BETWEEN January 2020 and March 2021, to determine whether, or how, instances of power through discourse can be identified. Examples of some of the questions you might ask, as you read the article(s) and write your paper, include: - Is power explicit in this text? Is it implicit? How so? -Are there backgrounded messages? (for example, are there stereotypes; is language used which could draw on social understandings of certain groups of people?) -Are there inferences? Is there information that could be deciphered by one group of people, but not by another? (are some people excluded) Can you tell whether a person and/or an institution is in control of the discourse? What is the impact of this type of discourse (what is the power in this type of discourse; or, what is the power which is being discussed in this piece)? How, if at all, is this power being challenged? For each example, you will need to identify each feature you are discussing (using short excerpts) and connect it to the appropriate reading (Fairclough; Thornborrow (2002); or Fish (1994)). Be sure, while you develop your argument, to consider what assumptions are being made about aspects of identity, including, for example gender, race, ethnicity, physical/mental health/ability, and/or sexuality, and how these assumptions are made apparent in the data. For your analysis, you will need to: a) Identify the specific linguistic features in the text and explain how they are connected to power; b) To support your claims, make connections between the newspaper article(s) and the course readings; c) Explain the impact of this type of article on various groups within our society, taking into consideration aspects of identity as discussed in class. (This will become your thesis statement.) Throughout your paper, you should identify the linguistic features which are being used to uphold or challenge power (implicit and explicit), and the impact of this. You could include a discussion of how these types of power have been historically developed and perpetuated, although this would be brief. Paper Format & Expectations:  Begin with an introduction that tells what the paper is about. Do not repeat yourself, talk around the topic, or make sweeping generalizations (e.g. “Since the dawn of time…” or “In every interaction…”). Your introduction must be specific to the topic.  Your paper must be typed, double-spaced, with 1-inch margins on all sides. Use Times New Roman 12-pitch font. Do not change the font, margins, or line spacing to include more (or less) information in your essay.  All pages must be consecutively numbered.  Use APA format for in-text citations and references page; do not include a running-head, an abstract, or a cover page. Type your identification information and title of paper on the first page.  Include the date of submission.  Consider giving your paper a title that is more creative than “Language, Power and Persuasion” or “Assignment - Option 1.”  The paper should include a presentation and discussion of the data (the newspaper articles you found).  Cite your sources throughout your paper; this includes the newspaper article(s) as well as the course readings. Failure to cite properly could result in a charge of plagiarism. Use in-text citations (no footnotes or endnotes). Include a References page.  You should be able to refer to at least 2 chapters from the Fairclough text (IVE ATTACHED IT), as well as either the Thornborrow (2002) chapter (I'VE ATTACHED IT).  You should be able to refer to at least 3 sources (1 or 2 from the Fairclough text (AGAIN I'VE ATTACHED IT)

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