Utilize our book and a minimum of four (4) other academic articles and the resul
Utilize our book and a minimum of four (4) other academic articles and the results three of your assessments from this course as your sources to identify the needed skills. Cite the sources please in the document in proper APA format What are your precise goals after participating in this course to increase your own innovation skills using the results of your three assessments from this course? Specific Development Goal (Specific, Motivating, Attainable, Relevant, Trackable - SMART): cite the three assessments and results you are using to develop your goals (CITE results from three of your ASSESSMENTS) 1. 2. Expected Outcomes: What will be different? ***** I work for progressive Insurance as a claims adjuster. the skill I needed to work on was networking and observation. I had attached previous work to review scoring. the book can be found on kindle called innovation login password: How will my organization or workgroup benefit? What will I gain by achieving the goal and participating in the process? Strategies for Development (choose two to three different strategies) Job Assignments Specific Action: Specific Actions: Ongoing Feedback Specific Actions: . Strategies for Your Development Cont’d (choose two to three different strategies) Specific Actions: Role models and coaches Specific Actions: Specific Actions: Training and Reading Specific Actions: Specific Actions: Effective Learning Tactics Specific Actions: Specific Actions: Trade-offs and obstacles What will I have to give up? What obstacles or difficulties may exist? How will I manage them?

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