Use the password below, and watch the video discussion of the assignment (Links
Use the password below, and watch the video discussion of the assignment (Links to an external site.). Access passcode: 0HaV@g&A 5/15 update: here is the second video discussion of the assignment (Links to an external site.). Access Passcode: yxub*0na ㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡ Prompt: In Stoicism, how is flourishing of the individual connected to the flourishing of a community? (There are two parts to this prompt.) Reflect on what we have learned about making an argument and our reading from this semester. Use both inductive and deductive argumentation to answer the prompt, and avoid the fallacies listed in the Critical Thinking textbook. You must use the book Being Better, or your paper will receive an F. For a chance at a B or an A, I also recommend that you cite both Jules Evans' book and the Critical Thinking textbook. To prepare, consider these questions. Part 1 of prompt: How can a person live a good and rewarding life? What are the competing philosophies to Stoicism of Epicureanism and Cynicism? What is the best case a Stoic can make for Stoicism as a philosophy of life? What would the Cynics and Epicureans argue against the Stoics? How would the Stoics answer their objections? What would a Stoic's argument be against philosophers like the Cynics and Epicureans? Part 2 of prompt: What do these different philosophies have to say about how my wellbeing connects to the wellbeing of a community? Is there really a connection there? Can my life be fine if I live in a city, country, or world with high crime, a lot of drug addiction, a terrible economy, and pollution that destroys people's health? Would Cynics and Epicureans 'step up' to contribute to the community and the world? Why not? Would a Stoic 'step up'? Why? Think through the theory, and formulate an argument. Give examples of situations, and explain them to back up your points. It is best to draw examples from your own experience and social and global issues. This writing assignment requires at least six (6) full pages of written text in MLA Style. Pick your points carefully, and argue for your conclusion. Write at least 6 pages of text, and add to that your works cited page, so you will be turning in at least a 7-page file. Don't bother going far beyond 6 pages of writing. Once you have reached the required length, what really matters is quality, so revise. Extra length will usually not mean more points. As I mentioned before, a way some people occasionally try to cheat is by turning in something, written by who knows who who wasn't in class, that doesn't use the assigned sources, and you always want it to be clear in college and in work that you are doing your own work and paying attention. If you turn in something that does not use Being Better and quotes random things, or a spun essay, I will not read it because it takes my time and energy away from helping students who did the assignment. There's no reason to worry though. Just use the books I mention and answer the prompt, and you'll be fine! Additional sources you can use include this chapter that contains a good explanation of Epicureanism and Stoicism Download good explanation of Epicureanism and Stoicism (highly recommended!)→(File2) anything else in the Files section, the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Links to an external site.) → , and the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Links to an external site.) → Upload Word or PDF files only. Do not attach files as comments. Choose the upload feature on this assignment, then the Turnitin name will appear, but do not go to the Turnitin website because that will not show me your assignment. Upload the file here, in Canvas.

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