This written assignment will be a reflection paper where you will share your tho
This written assignment will be a reflection paper where you will share your thoughts on how the digital revolution is changing our field of marketing, the larger business landscape, your long-term career prospects, and our everyday lives. Topic: A New Digital World This essay can include sections such as: The different ways that marketing has evolved over the past 25 years Which technologies have made the greatest impact on shifting the ways products are bought and sold Has the speed in which digital platforms have rolled out been faster than we can keep up, or not evolving quickly enough to match strategic ideas and implementations? How technology levels the playing field and/or creates more economic imbalance due to the digital divide What ethical limits should be respected in terms of marketing and general business using digital tools and creating data sets about prospects and customers Does digital technology give you an advantage or hurt your chances of finding gainful employment? How might technology further advance, and what impact will that play on the future of marketing Much of this paper is personal and speculative, and I will not be grading heavily on your opinions. Rather, I will consider your ability to take ideas from course readings and materials, the discussions in class, and at least two other external sources related to the field of marketing, then synthesize the material into evidence supporting your original thoughts. Include a title page or heading that states your name, the assignment title, the date composed, and a word count. All sources must be cited in a professional manner to earn credit. You should have someone read through your work or use Grammarly before submitting it to get the best possible grade on this assignment. Paper Format Title Page Should Include: Your Name Title of Paper Date Composed Word Count The Paper Should Include An Opening Paragraph Subheaders to Break up the Content for the Reader A Closing Statement or Conclusion Citations on a Last Separate Page Assignment Instructions This is an individual project NOT a group project. At least 2+ pages full of writing, one additional page to list references. 1,200+ words of writing required. Not including references. You should have at least a minimum of 5 paragraphs within your paper. You should include a minimum of 3 subheaders. Site at least 3+ references. All sources must be cited in a professional manner to earn credit, APA. They should be clear, consistent, and professional. Arial or Times New Roman, font size of 11-point & single-spaced. Use the file-naming format of “LastnameFirstnameAssignmentname.doc” Save as a Microsoft Word Doc. All writing should be in your own words, don't plagiarize. Citations: No more than a combined total of 20% of the submission and no more than a 10% match to any one individual source can be directly quoted or closely paraphrased from sources, even if cited correctly.

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