This writing assignment deals with the topic of Bloom’s Taxonomy. Describe Bloo
This writing assignment deals with the topic of Bloom's Taxonomy. Describe Bloom's Taxonomy and its origins. Be sure to explain the hierarchy of the Cognitive Domain and a description of each level. Choose a specific training topic related to police training and apply an example of the processes associated with their learning at each level. Assignment Requirements: APA format (font style and size, spacing, citations, reference page) Proper grammar, spelling, formatting, etc. At least 3 full pages in length (not to include the reference page) Page numbers and title page MUST BE YOUR OWN WORK-be sure to give credit to appropriate sources. Plagiarism is not tolerated. If the material is determined to be plagiarized, you could receive any or all of the following...a zero on the assignment, dismissal from the course, or an "F" for ethical reasons in the course. Please see APA manual and/or writing center which may be found on the library web site. They are very helpful. Be sure to review the Writing Assignment Rubric posted under Course Documents for the rubric.

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