This strategy in action assignment requires you apply a concept or theory we hav
This strategy in action assignment requires you apply a concept or theory we have learned to a subject that is current in the ‘real’ world which students will research on their own (no assigned readings). The assigned topic for Application Assignment 1 is: Beyond Meat/Impossible Foods. In Chapter 1, we examined the overall view of strategy and the role of the CEO, Board of Directors and other corporate leaders. In Chapter 2, we learned about the tools available to evaluate a company’s position, both internally and externally. Your own additional research is required to complete this assignment. Your assignment: Select either Beyond Meat or Impossible Foods and evaluate their position using the Porter’s Five Forces Model. Document/discuss this analysis in depth and include at least 5 outside references with at least 2 pages of content. Next prepare a minimum 1 page recommendation for the board of directors of the company you selected. In other words, after analyzing the company utilizing Porter's 5 Forces Model & External References (2+pages), you should be in a position to make recommendations for the board (1+pages). Pretend like you are a consultant and want to help the company progress. What advice or guidance would you offer them based on the information you ascertained during your analysis?? Include BOTH qualitative and quantitative support for your recommendations as you link your writing back to the course material as well as your own research. Put these together in one document for a total of at least three pages (not including reference and title page). Please use APA format ~ double spaced, cover page, running head, etc. No plagarism

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