This should be in an outline type paper, but I will turn in into a powerpoint on
This should be in an outline type paper, but I will turn in into a powerpoint once I get the rest together. Our agency will be based off woman and children mental health. Assignment: You have been identified as a community leader and appointed to a community taskforce. Your goal will be to design a proposal for a mental health agency, addressing a specific community mental health need. Your task force will explore topics including: service modalities, legal and legislative issues, practice management strategies, community outreach and crisis response, interagency collaboration and professional advocacy. The taskforce has been given six weeks to create a comprehensive plan for the agency. In week seven, your group will present your proposal via a narrated PowerPoint as well as a collection of the Written Assignments that you have created throughout the course. Two topics I need help with: - Consider lethal and ethical issues relevant to developing an agency I have found one article/book I would like to use use (below) Bush K, Duggan C. Evaluation in Conflict Zones: Methodological and Ethical Challenges. Journal of Peacebuilding & Development. 2013;8(2):5-25. doi:10.1080/15423166.2013.812891 - Consider the impact of crisis and disaster for the community in which you will develop your agency. How will your agency address this? How will you connect with the community?

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