This order is a continuation of the literature review of the coil winding improv
This order is a continuation of the literature review of the coil winding improvement project. This order is for the final report and will be the summary of the data analysis of the coil winding project that will be provided. Though introduction is needed but the company name will not be provided, so the intro of the company or its product is not required. A report template that already comprises some work will be provided, remember the same writer wrote the literature review that is included in the report. The writer is expected to be very creative with this report, and ill be here to answer any question that the writer may have. Please compose the report to align with or according to the data provided in the spreadsheet. This is a simple improvement process that comprises changing technology from somewhat a manual operation to fully automated equipment that can be adjusted and produce a ready-to package product. Note: a GAP analysis was used to identify that a change is required so the writer can include that in the appropriate section. The report contains a lot of information that will help point the writer in the right direction. the writer has the freedom to keep, remove or rearrange contents as needed. NOTE the analysis is a master document and the content in the report is just a reference or a pointer. Any questions are welcome. - Table of Content can be modified to match the report - Project question can be modified or change - Writer can add to terms and definition Chapter intro and summaries can be modified - the writer can remove contents from the literature review or add as needed - In sections like analysis or timeline that would require image like the Timeline, the writer can leave blank and ill add the snips - The report contains 40 pages, the writer can rearrange, modify and make the report looks good. - add or remove references as needed Please follow the template, and use the contents already in the report. I expect about 50 or more pages report. Thank you. Thanks

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