This module is called the Rise of Rock. We will look at how the progression of
This module is called the Rise of Rock. We will look at how the progression of rock and roll is morphing and changing. We will examine how different artists from all over our country seem to use different methods and sound. We will take a look at the affect the artists and songs have on our American culture and history. In our last Module you can hear the difference between music, such as blues in Chicago, and New Orleans. Think about the influences that created early rock and roll. Essential Questions: 1. Where did these early rockers come from and why music was important to them? How do you think their background influenced them? 2. What are the common links between the viewing, listening and the reading? 3. How is rock and roll changing from the mid fifties to the late fifties? Also, it is very important to keep in mind the culture of the world and the United States. How do you think the times affected the music that is being created? 4. How was America shifting to a youth culture? I wanted to show you the entire film of RAY, however I feel our time is limited. It is a great film if you have time. I chose some clips from the film that reflect the themes that we are learning about within this topic. The first shows Ray Charles dealing with segregated Georgia. The second is now Ray Charles worked with Ahmet Ertegun. Most importantly, while watching and reading think about what made these artists stand out? Each of these artists brought something special to the rock and roll table. Think about what made them uniquely successful, and how they each contributed to rock and roll and essentially the formation of our American culture and history. 1. Ray Charles : Use of Gospel in his music ( Explain ) 2. Chuck Berry Use of not only guitar but lyrics (Explain) 3. Little Richard Use of performance, Piano, Enthusiasm ( Explain) 4. Elvis (How did Elvis take all of these, and make his own style) What made him so popular that women loved him, men wanted to be him? ( Explain) Ask yourself, why are these artists key for the foundation of Rock and Roll? I think you will find that Rock and Roll (and life for that matter) is about taking chances, taking that unexpected jump. Usually, it is when we DO take that jump we find success. Taking chances is a theme that keeps coming up over and over as common theme in our course. As we progress, think back to the big questions: 1. Why does this matter? How is rock and roll a vehicle for change and a lens for history? 2. Why and how is the music changing? Student Activities: 1. Keep reading All Shook Up Altschuler, Chapters 2-3 (if you have not already) Altschuler, G. C. (2003). All Shook Up. [MBS Direct]. Retrieved from 2. What's that Sound Covach, Chapter 2 Covach J., & Flory A. (2018). What's That Sound?: An Introduction to Rock and Its History (Fifth Edition). [MBS Direct]. Retrieved from 3. The Rock Reader, Cateforis Chapters 4-11 (2019). The Rock History Reader. [MBS Direct]. Retrieved from 4. Watch documentary provided Module Two: The Rise of Rock Explain your answers and conclusions by providing plenty of examples from the texts, videos and listening materials. Please follow the rubric below. Papers that do not have quotes and references to the texts will sent back. Papers need to meet Historical Studies and General Education Guidelines. Please let me know if you have any questions. This module we will look at the way rock and roll began to enter mainstream population. We have an article that details why 1955 can be considered the year of rock and roll. During this module I we will examine the artists: Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Ray Charles and Elvis. There are a many attributes that helped in the creation of rock and roll. The rise of a teenage population fueled by the baby boom. This was a new youth culture. The advent of mass media and youth consumerism. Think about the surrounding historical factors that help to contribute to the rise of rock and roll? Each of these artists help to facilitate in the rock and roll experiment. Explain how each contributed. How did each shape American culture? Give specific examples from your texts and course materials. (Please use your Rock Reader to provide primary sources) I have digital access to the books but I am unable to copy & paste them.

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