This discussion addresses the following outcomes: Describe the origins of the bu
This discussion addresses the following outcomes: Describe the origins of the buccaneers (CO#4). Analyze how the buccaneers created conflict with the larger goal of European nations in colonizing the Americas (CO#4). Buccaneers came from the lower rungs of European society. They were initially an illegal group of settlers living precariously on the island of Hispaniola, nestled between European empires. Despite obvious hazards to their existence, they left French and English colonies in the Caribbean and created a world at odds with European conceptions of colonization in the Americas. In this discussion, we will consider the main reasons Europeans left their respective colonial societies and joined this freebooting group on the margin of European empires in the Americas. We will also consider both the world of the buccaneers and their effect on national interests for colonizing the Caribbean. In preparation for our discussion, be sure you have read the Module Notes, Chapters I-V in Exquemelin (Links to an external site.), and Chapter 9 (Links to an external site.) of Pennell, Bandits at Sea, and view Buccaneers and Henry Morgan (Links to an external site.). Then, in a post of at least 250 words, consider the following: Explain the emergence of the buccaneers in the Caribbean – who were they and why did they join the movement? What were the major tenets of the buccaneer community, and, in your opinion, how did these principals serve to structure a community of multinational settlers from various backgrounds? How did the English and French react to the buccaneers?

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