This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeReading Log The purpose of this as
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeReading Log The purpose of this assignment is provide you with a reading worksheet, to help you learn how to actively engage in close readings so that you can trace key concepts, theories, and ideas, and begin to apply them to contemporary issues. 20 pts Meets or Exceeds Expectations This reading log demonstrates 1) a strong effort at responding to the questions by engaging with the key points and ideas in the readings. A close engagement can look like: paraphrasing, drawing out interesting quotations and explaining them, providing examples from the text, and unpacking relevant ideas and concepts from the reading. 2) clear organization that follows the worksheet or chart 3) editing for clarity and includes in-text citations for quotes. 18 pts Emerging This reading log demonstrates close reading and engagement with the text, but could still use some work in responding to the questions thoroughly (e.g. could use more paraphrasing, quotations, explanations, and unpacking). Organization, editing, and in-text citations are clear. 16 pts Needs Improvement This submission shows promise, but the engagement with questions and reading is unfocused and supporting ideas are not fully clear. This submission could use more textual engagement strategies, more editing, more organization, and/or in-text citations for quotes. 14 pts Incomplete This submission could use a lot of work. Information is presented in a disorganized fashion.Engagement with the reading and questions needs a lot more work in explaining relevant ideas and concepts, and in providing supporting details. Needs editing for spelling and mechanical errors for clarity. 20 pts Total Points: 20

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