This assignment will conclude the Building Science portion of this course. It w
This assignment will conclude the Building Science portion of this course. It will require you to apply all that you have learned so far this semester on the importance and the relationship of the 4 primary "control layers" in the exterior wall assembly. This assignment is worth 39 total points. The points will be awarded as follows (all 3 parts are required before any points will be awarded- see below): * Manufacturer's Product Literature (including 3rd party reviews) - PDF format 9 points * Wall Section Drawing / Sketch - PDF format 12 points * Two Page Summary of your Research - PDF format 18 points Assignment Instructions Step 1: Pick one of the 4 "control layers" Water Resistant Barrier (WRB) Control Layer Air Barrier Control Layer Vapor Retarder (or Vapor Barrier) Control Layer Thermal Resistance (Insulation) Control Layer Step 2: Research & select a manufacturer's product that meets the performance criteria of the control layer you have selected Step 3: Gather as much information as you can about the product that you have selected including if available: * Magazine Ad * Specifications Data Sheet(s) * Summary of performance characteristics * Testimonials / 3rd party reviews * Cost / SF (material only - not including installation cost) * Size availability options Step 4: Draw a cross-section of an exterior wall assembly showing ALL components (and ALL 4 Control Layers) clearly noted. You will not receive a grade of "Proficient" if you do not clearly identify and note all layers and building materials (and especially all 4 Control Layers) in your wall assembly. Step 5: Write a two-page research paper describing your wall assembly design, why you designed it the way you did, what are the performance expectations and why you chose the building material (control layer product) that you chose. What are its performance characteristics, how it works in relation to all other components / layers of your exterior wall (as a part of a complete system). What synergies are possible by incorporating your product into the exterior wall that you designed. Why did you choose is this product and not some other similar product (provided a comparison with that other product as a part of your paper and as a justification for your choice). Describe the Climate Zone that your wall will be built in (where will it be located?) and how your exterior wall will perform at different times of the year (summer vs. winter) in that Zone. Required Deliverables: 1. PDF copies of all of your product research (Ads, cut-sheets, specifications, product literature, etc.) If possible, please combine all research into a single PDF - 9 points max. 2. PDF of your Wall Section (or Cut-Away) Drawing/Sketch of the exterior wall that you have designed (every individual component, material, layer, etc. must be clearly marked / labeled (especially ALL 4 Control Layers). Make sure to identify the size, spacing, thickness, etc. necessary to show the amount or quantity of each material (ie. 4" thick, 16" on center, 4' x 8' x 1/2", etc.) - 12 points max. 3. PDF of your 2-page paper which summarizes your exterior wall, its performance characteristics, HOW your selected product / control layer contributes to the performance of the wall assembly (see additional paper requirements in the assignment description above) - 18 points max. Important Note: All 3 components are required in order to complete this assignment. I will not be able to grade your work without all 3 parts / components.

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