This assignment addresses the following outcome: Create a multimedia presentatio
This assignment addresses the following outcome: Create a multimedia presentation on one aspect of the history of piracy using source material from the course and from outside research (CO#1, CO#2) Now that you have reached the halfway point of the course, in your Module 4 assignment you will reflect back on some of the major themes of the history of piracy before and during the Golden Age. Rather than a standard research paper, this assignment gives you the chance to weave together written and visual sources in a multimedia presentation. Choose one of the two topics below and create a presentation using PowerPoint. Compare and contrast the buccaneers of the seventeenth century with the pirates of the Golden Age in their activities, culture, society, and origins. How did the buccaneer movement help give rise to the later pirates after 1715? Examine the historical context of the Atlantic World in the early eighteenth century that contributed to the Golden Age of Piracy. Make sure to focus in particular on European colonization, the economy, slavery, war, and issues of class and labor in Europe. Your presentation should include the following: An introductory slide with a thesis statement and a concluding slide Between 6 to 10 informational slides with cited evidence from source material, including at least two outside sources. Each slide should contain both written material and visual material. A slide at the end with a list of references in APA (Links to an external site.) or Chicago/Turabian (Links to an external site.) format To find outside sources consult the Excelsior College Library (Links to an external site.) and/or Google Scholar (Links to an external site.). For help on locating appropriate sources consult the following Library resources: Scholarly vs. Popular Sources: What’s the Difference? (Links to an external site.) Peer-Reviewed Articles: What are they? (Links to an external site.) Finding Primary Sources in the Library Databases (Links to an external site.) To find visual material use Britannica ImageQuest (Links to an external site.), EBSCO Image Collection (Links to an external site.), or Wikimedia Commons (Links to an external site.).

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