There are several criteria of the original paper that wasn’t met therefore it ne
There are several criteria of the original paper that wasn't met therefore it needs a rewrite. Listed below are the improvements that are required. The original paper, the improvements list, as well as all of the peer-reviewed articles that have been used throughout the milestones of this paper are attached below as well as an exemplar posted by the professor. Methodology: Materials Criterion Feedback your "survey" section should be your materials. there could also be more specific, clear, and concise Information regarding your questionnaires Data Analysis Plan: Prepare Raw Data Criterion Feedback Data proposal plan is missing explanation of how it will support obtaining valid and reliable results Data Analysis Plan: Analytic Procedures Criterion Feedback fairly vague. more detail about any specific analytical tests you would use would make this stronger Data Analysis Plan: Principles and Standards Criterion Feedback Missing how data analysis plan is ethical. it is mentioned but lacking specific detail to how APA code of ethics relate to your methods Anticipated Results Criterion Feedback There is no connection to previous literature

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