There are 10 questions all need to be short answers with a minimum of 5 sentence
There are 10 questions all need to be short answers with a minimum of 5 sentences. Each short answer must be numbered and in the order I send the prompts. 1. Based on your understanding of the executive branch, describe the transition process between the two administrations. Describe one of the cabinet postions that Joe Biden has filled. Give a brief description of the candidate that Joe Biden put into that role. What's the process for that candidate to fulfill that position? What role does that position play in the executive branch? Do not write about the Vice President. 2.This questions regards public opinion. What role do elected officials and interest groups play in shaping public opinion? What does it mean to increase an issue's salience? What role does public opinion play in regarding public policy? How does this connect to the idea of democracy? 3.Currrently Congress is going over talks regarding infrastructure. What are the proposals being discussed to address the nation's infrastructure? What are some of the difficulties congress is having to get an infrastructure plan passed through Congress. What role does the filibuster play in the negotiations for the infrastructure law. 4.What is the Federal Reserve? In the 1930s, there was a bank crisis. Why did this happen, and what role did the Federal Reserve play in response to this crisis? Why did President Roosevelt call for a Bank Holiday? 5.What is the difference between interest groups, Bureacracy and political parties? What role do these institutions play in the policy creation process? Provide an example of one of each of these institutions and use that to support your answer? 6.Describe some of the outcomes of the American Rescue Plan act passed earlier this year? (Basically give at lease a 4-5 sentence description of the American Rescue Plan Act) What was the goal of this legislation? What were some of the compromises that took place for this bill to be able to pass? 7.Why is America considered a two party system? (What factors specifically lead to America to result in a two party system?) What is the role of third parties over the course of American History in presidential elections? What is a specific third party that has had substantial impact in American politics? What role did it have? 8.Define federalism. Which constitutional amendment ensured that states had a rights protected from federal government. Explain how the role of the federal government regarding federalism changed over time. Should more power be in the hands of the federal or state government. Why? 9What is the difference between inside lobbying vs outside lobbying? What are some tactics that interest groups use to engage in inside lobbying and outside lobbying? What is a public interest group and a private interest group? Is a public interest group more likely to engage in inside lobbying or outside lobbying? Is a private interest group more likely to engage in outside lobbying or inside lobbying? Explain why for both of these questions? 10.I want you to find a specific interest group that handles a topic that interests you. Describe what the organization is? What type of policies do they advocate for? What tactics do they use to advocate for their postions?

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