The video below highlights Best Buy’s digital transformation endeavor: https://y
The video below highlights Best Buy's digital transformation endeavor: Best Buy Modernizes Supply Chain Network With Advanced Automation and Warehouse Robots. Watch the videos & answer these questions (include 2 references. Do not re-write the questions, just enumerate them): 1) Why did Best Buy decide to redesign their distribution network? 2) What were some of the challenges faced in their regional distribution centers? 3) How did automation improve overall operations at Best Buy? 4) Video This video highlights the impact of e-commerce on a local post office and the town it serves in a remote rural area of Oklahoma. How has ecommerce transformed small remote towns like Mangum? 5) What impact did Magnum's ecommerce uptick have on carriers such as UPS, FEDEX, and the local post office? 6) Video highlights the use of in-store technology by Walmart in order to compete with online sales. Can this strategy work for some retailers given that bricks and mortar sales have been declining? Discuss. 7) By doing a search of the Internet or by other research methods, find an example of a company that improved their business either by implementing an enterprise system or by adopting an ecommerce business model. Discuss in detail.

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