The Task The following instructions are directly copied from the professor. This
The Task The following instructions are directly copied from the professor. This project is based off a research question centered around a lab group. The lab group I picked is for the central question "How Do Algorithms Reinforce Social Biases and Inequality?" and my individual research question is: In what ways could watching videos on the TikTok For You page influence someone’s mental health, and in what ways could the algorithm be reformed such that a negative influence on someone’s mental health doesn’t happen. Since this is the case, in order to connect my research question back to the central question you need to go into how tiktok's for you page reinforces depression or mental health issues (an inequality). To do this I strongly recommend citing the WSJ investigation linked in the annotated bibliography about how tiktok leads people into rabbit holes relating to their interests. I have attached some related projects I had done as well regarding finding sources. Be careful of the annotated bibliography as that one got a failing grade. Feel free to pick sources at your discretion if you want new ones or anything. Just make sure to follow the source specification at the bottom of the instructions. The instructions below are copied so some stuff probably won't make perfect sense, if that is the case feel free to ask any question you have. The Situation You are a member of a lab group of undergraduate researchers at your college studying interesting and relevant topics in contemporary digital discourse (see below for descriptions). Your lab group is looking for new projects to take on this academic year, but first it needs to know what research has already been done on the questions it is interested in. Your task is to create, for the members of your research lab group, a literature review, a document in a genre whose main purpose is to synthesizes current research on a topic or question. Your goal is to provide your chosen discourse community (your lab group members) with a comprehensive overview of the existing research on a topic, the significance of this body of research, and the opportunities that exist to further the goals of this research. Each member of the lab group will create their own research question that is related to the themes of the lab group and will write their own text with the other members of the lab group as their audience. Your job is not to make an argument about how you feel about the research. In fact, try not to think in terms of "sides," or "opinion," or "persuasion" at all. Do not write for a debate because most academic conversations aren't really "debates." Think in terms of offering something comprehensive and significant to the discourse community about the questions that matter to it and to you. Specifications 1250-1500 polished words in a style that is appropriate for the intended academic discourse community 5-7 sources with at least 3 academic/scholarly sources. News sources and gray literature sources may be appropriate, but background sources are not. include data visualizations, diagrams, and images as needed and properly cited in APA style APA citation style and document formatting

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