The Research Process The APUS Library video Explain what you learned. Topic: You
The Research Process The APUS Library video Explain what you learned. Topic: You may select any web-related topic! What do you find interesting in the information technology industry? Take a look at the Gartner link and other interesting links provided in the COURSE MATERIALS area in the LESSONS section for some ideas. Review IT-based literature. Go to PCMagazine, PCWorld, ITWorld. These websites will give you some thoughts regarding technology. Also, what are you experiencing in your day-to-day operation in technology? Purpose Statement: This is the most important statement in the proposal. It orients the reader to the central intent of the study and from it all other aspects of the research project follow. While there are a number of differing formats for purpose statements, in general the statement should present the central controlling idea in the study and focus on the central phenomenon under study. Significance of the Study: Delineate the significance of the research, what knowledge will it create, and what gaps in knowledge will it help fill. List of References: Remember to include the citations and references for your study using the APA manual. List all references cited in the proposal and any major works in the field consulted in preparing the proposal—limit this section to 1/2 page to 1 page of citations. Link for APA Style Length of Paper for this Assignment: One to two pages. Let me know if you need further clarity! We are partners in this effort and you are important to us!

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