The purpose of the Article Critique assignment is to: • Go through the process o
The purpose of the Article Critique assignment is to: • Go through the process of thinking critically about the merits and faults within the assigned article. • Give you practice in applying your knowledge about the research methods you have learned about in the course. • Assess your competencies in research method content and critical thinking. Please Write a 3-4 page critique of at least at least two assessment (tools or procedures) articles that addresses the following questions: 1) Literature review. Do you now understand the two assessment tools or procedures and know why more information is needed on it? Why or why not? Consider things like: • The depth (i.e. the details) and breadth (i.e. the overview) in the literature review. • The adequacy of the rationale for why these assessment procedures/protocol are needed. 2) Methods. Do you think the components of the methods listed in the article were the best suited in assessment protocols/procedures? Why or why not? Address each of the following elements: a. Research design. Consider: • The authors’ explanation for their chosen assessment protocol/procedures • Any alternative assessments that would be better suited b. Sampling methods. Consider: • Assessment recruitment methods, • Assessment response rates, • Types of participants (any one left out?) of the assessments c. Types of data and data collection methods. Consider: • Ability of the data to answer the research questions regarding the assessments • Adequacy of the data collection methods in ensuring reliable and credible data regarding the assessments 3) Results, discussion and implications. Do you think the assessment procedures/protocols fill a gap in the knowledge base on this topic? Why or why not. Do you think the assessment's procedures/protocols have relevance for practice and policy in this area? Why or why not. Consider: • What new information did the assessment procedures/protocols produce? • How important do you think this new information is in terms of its impact on practice and policy in this topic area? 4) Directions for future research. Do you think the directions for future research outlined in the article will help improve on the assessment procedures/protocols and move the field forward with respect to this topic? Why or why not. Consider: • The specificity of the authors’ recommendations for future research • The originality of the authors’ recommendations for future research • Your own ideas for future research Tips: • Be sure to explain the reasons for your opinions. • Whenever possible, provide examples from the article to support your conclusions. • If you find fault in an area of the article, consider an alternative approach that would improve the methods. FYI: Definitions of “critique” include: • A critical review or commentary • A detailed analysis and assessment of something • A method of disciplined, systematic analysis of a written or oral discourse • Involves identifying both strengths and faults

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