The primary purpose of this assignment is to determine your ability, as a consum
The primary purpose of this assignment is to determine your ability, as a consumer of research, to critique the quality of research reports. Thus, in this assignment, you will evaluate the quality of the research report in terms of the clarity of purpose and procedures, and the soundness of the design, analysis and interpretation. This critical analysis paper should not be a collection to answers to the following questions. Rather, the paper should be your evaluation of the research article using the following questions as >prompter=. Your critical analysis should not be more than 3 double-spaced pages. You should also attach a copy of the research paper you have critiqued. Are the following clearly stated? - problem statement or purpose - rationale for the study - significance of the study - hypothesis or hypotheses Are the variables of interest clearly indicated? Are the variables clearly defined? Is the procedure clearly described? - selection of subjects or sites. - the methods for examining relationships or effects. - the data collection procedure - the procedure for observation Is the procedure appropriate for the research problem? Are the results clearly shown? Is the analysis appropriate for the purpose, hypothesis or hypotheses? Is the conclusion supported by the results? What is your evaluation of the study? - strength(s) of the study. - weakness(es) of the study. 9. What improvement(s) in the study would you suggest?

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