The paper will deal with Salman Rushdie’s concept of Nation and diaspora in Shal
The paper will deal with Salman Rushdie's concept of Nation and diaspora in Shalimar the Clown and The Enchantress of Florence; and how diasporic people conceive or imagine their nation in the "third space", how they reconstruct their hybrid identities and how they review their plural culture. Rushdie has given voice to the diasporic people/the minorities/ the others/ in nation formation which shows the heterogeneous elements working in the construct of nation. The rootless, dislocated people in search of rooted identity form imaginary homelands. Keywords: Nation, Diaspora, hybridity, identity, eclecticism, Globalization, Multiculturalism The paper will be written according to MLA 8th ed. format with the In-Text citations like ( Bhabha 122) At the end of the work and before the 'Works Cited' section the writer must give seven or eight 'Notes'

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