THE ONLY source to be used for this hiring: The Norton Anthropology of World Li
THE ONLY source to be used for this hiring: The Norton Anthropology of World Literature - Volume D - Third Edition I. Answer three (3) of the following six essay questions. (33.3 points each). As a rule of thumb, each essay answer should be approximately 2 ½ pages, double spaced. Your answers should be based on class notes, discussions, and the text. No outside sources will be accepted. A. Both Mann’s and Tolstoy’s heroes depart from the ordinary routine of their lives in order to undertake journeys in which they come to reject their former points of view. Explain. B. Describe the symbolism of “the light” that illuminates Ivan Ilyitch’s last moments on this earth and how it relates to his previous life and Tolstoy’s own religious belief. Compare the fate of Ivan Ilyich in The Death of Ivan Ilyich and Gregor Samsa in The Metamorphosis. C. What is the so-called “Kafkaesque” and how does it relate to the style and theme of The Metamorphosis and the film technique of Orson Welles in The Trial ? D. What is (are) the conflict(s) that lead(s) to the death of Gustav von Aschenbach in Mann’s Death in Venice ? How does Visconti’s film version differ from Mann’s novella? Are the changes justified? E. Discuss the literary style of James Joyce. How does the structure of “The Dead” enhance the message Joyce wants to impress on the reader? (ie imagery, symmetry, metaphors, etc.) F. How are Kafka’s style and message (the “Kafkaesque”) presented in Orson Welles’ movie version of Kafka’s Trial?

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