The company’s name is Ideas That Work and need the following: -12-month projecti
The company’s name is Ideas That Work and need the following: -12-month projection and business plan with Year to Date financial documentation for 2020 and 2021 (sales receipts.) to support the projections. (Note: you can use to check the projections for 2020 and 2021) 1. 2020 P&L Statement: (please include or replace a few more business type expenses if needed) -rent $2500k/month -cable/internet $200/month -cellular plan $220/month -car lease $916/month -gas $250/month -electric $80/month -software/business equipment/maintenance/ $1550/ month -cost of goods $4,083/ month 2. Financial information to help you: - 2019 income is $124,520. There was a cost of goods of 60k. - 2020 production was down 51% year over year due to the Covid 19 Pandemic and the company only made 63,505. The 2020 projected numbers should state that the financial revenue would have been 180k-200k if the Pandemic did not occur. These numbers would have been reached due to organic growth and more funds available would have been spent on marketing, etc that would have gained the projected revenue increase and business. - 2021 numbers are looking up and have made 56k Year to date so far for 2021. 3. This is the business’ activity which will help you put together the brief business plan and give you an idea of what the business does to support the 12-month projection and business plan with Year-to-Date financial documentation for 2020 and 2021: Based in Southern California and the surrounding communities, our company conducts business consulting to small businesses, credit restoration/consulting, and education on credit maintenance and making good financial decisions. Additionally, we are focused on conducting marketing for brand recognition for other small businesses. As a company, we are composed of a team of experts that offer advice to business owners on strategy, problem-solving and developing skills. We help small businesses to improve organizational performances and even serve as contract workers to help them spot problems, implement solutions, and achieve the required goals. Our primary role as an organization is to provide business consulting services. In Southern California state and community, the number of small start-up businesses continues to increase. And with our expertise and experience in business management, we have helped and continue to help several businesses overcome challenges, increase revenue, and grow. We offer management consulting to enable them to improve their efficiency and performance. Additionally, our feedback and planning have helped many small businesses to expand their operations and boost profits while at the same time eliminating problems and identifying opportunities to ensure their continued success. Based on the business consulting services we offer; we are paid through the following methods: 1. Retainer – We get paid when our services are retained by individuals or business organizations for a given amount per month – covering the list of services we will provide as described in a statement of work. 2. Hourly – While operating as independent contractors, the consultants, on behalf of the company, receive hourly wages for the services rendered. 3. Percentage profit – based on an agreement, we work for a percentage of the profit from a campaign we create and execute, or equity. On top of business consulting, our firm also offers credit restoration consulting. We are known for the strategic creation of a specialized plan for each client to improve their credit score. As a company, we specialize in providing credit monitoring, provide credit education, and help clients eliminate errors within their credit report. Additionally, we build credit, aggressively dispute all the three credit bureaus on the client’s behalf and enable the client to obtain new lines of credit. Our agents offer various services to the community, including removing negative or inaccurate information from the credit profile, increasing chances of credit card approval, providing higher credit card limits, advising on the establishing personal credit, and advising on building business and personal credit. By helping clients improve their credit score, they will receive the lowest interest rate on their loans, cars, homes, or credit cards. Depending on the service provided, we charge different fees. For instance, we charge clients per negative item removed from their credit reports. Our revenue also comes from monthly fees paid to the agents and the initial $500 processing fee that clients must pay before we begin offering the services. We also charge $1,000 for advising services. Currently, we are serving a large number of individuals and businesses in Southern California and the community. However, like any other business organization, we would wish to expand our business to various parts of the country and reach a wider market. Our plans are to expand our operations and offer services to more individuals and businesses across the country.

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