The assignment is to write a short 4-5 article literature review on the topic of
The assignment is to write a short 4-5 article literature review on the topic of Minority Youth Suicide. The articles you may choose from are provided on the course canvas. You may not use any other articles or sources. Assignment Logistics: 1. Include a title page and abstract that follow APA formatting requirements. 2. Write a minimum of 1,200 words. 3. Include APA style in-text citations for each of your articles. 4. Include a reference page at the end of your critique in flawless APA style. 5. Include no more than 2 quotes (maximum of 40 words each), if you choose to include any at all. 6. At the end of your literature review, write a two-paragraph summary of what you have learned about the topic from the articles. This includes critique and reflection about the “story”, not the individual articles. This is not included in your 1,200 word count. o I suggest you include a subheader that separates your reflection paragraphs from your concluding paragraphs as these are not one and the same. These are two completely separate paragraphs. The literature review is an important part of the research process because it shows your knowledge and understandingabout the research topic. · A strong literature review discusses what has already been done on the topic and the key gaps/issues in the literature. · Review means more than summarize. You do need to write a short review of each research study, but you musttie the research studies together – into a “story.” Another way to view a literature review is as a dialogue between scholars. · Upper division writing courses, or undergraduate research projects, require presentation and support ofmajor theories: how they have been applied and developed, as well as criticisms. This requires someinsight and interpretation, not evaluation. You do not include personal opinions in a literature review. · Report what is relevant to your study, ignore what is not. This means you need to read the abstract, theintroduction and conclusion of your articles. And, for long articles; focus on the parts that relate to your topic. Students often lose points for the following errors. Make sure to double check these before submitting: 1. Incorrect running head 2. Missing institution name on title page 3. Incorrect citations, especially for three or more authors 4. Incorrect formatting of the article in the reference page. Pay special attention to the formatting of the article title as well as the journal title. please see the example

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