Task 2: Develop a logic model and proposal to guide the formulation of a plan
Task 2: Develop a logic model and proposal to guide the formulation of a plan to address the selected problem. Now that you have selected the problem area to be addressed by divestment/reinvestment, and described the organizations that will be involved, it is time to finalize the planning process. You will be utilizing the logic model planning tool outlined in your text (see Chapter 13). The logic model format to be used in this assignment provided here Download here. This is the only template I will accept for the assignment, so please do not use something you find in another report or resource. Your primary task is to develop the logic model to demonstrate how the divestiture/reinvestment will impact the problem you have selected (outcomes). Please do not identify more than two outcomes for our task purposes. In the logic model you will want to also address the resources (inputs) that will be transferred and/or new resources required to make the transfer effective. Your “outputs” will likely be stages accomplished as the result of activities achieved that move you toward the outcomes you wish to achieve – and those outcomes should be as specific and measurable (SMART) as possible – no “pie in the sky” hopes, please – observable, measurable outcomes as results of transferring the problem function to a non-CJO. Since the logic model does not “speak for itself” completely, you will want to add no more than a two-page (approximately 500 words, double-space, 12-point font, excluding cover page, references, etc.) explanation of how the logic of your reinvestment process will work. That is, starting from your expected measurable outcomes, you will explain what resources (inputs) are required, which organizations will do what to whom or what (participants/activities), the “products” (outputs) those activities may create, and how all of those items work to produce the SMART-style outcomes identified in the near- to medium-term outcomes you have identified (you can go longer if you have space). Do well!

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