Statement of the problem: Write 3 paragraphs defining and describing the advocac
Statement of the problem: Write 3 paragraphs defining and describing the advocacy issue in the context of early childhood education. Discuss how the early childhood advocacy issue affects children and families in New York City, if possible. Be sure to address the following: What is the specific problem/concern? Who is affected by the issue? How are children, families, and the community being affected? Why does the issue need to be addressed now? What intervention is needed? Who is your target audience (who are you trying to influence/get to take action about the issue) and why they are in a position to help? Research Source Summaries: Provide summaries of (2) relevant research sources. Your research sources should come from education journals (accessed through library databases), newspapers (from The New York Times, Daily News, New York Post, Education Week), Radio reports (NPR) or Blog Posts (e.g. Diane Ravich's blog). All of your sources must be cited properly using APA formatting for references and in-text citations (see APA handouts provided). In each summary, be sure to address the following: Provide an opening thesis statement that outlines the general topic and the author’s main assertion, comment or position on the topic. Provide supporting ideas—cover all of the author’s main ideas; show the relationships among these ideas. Explain why you selected the research source. Conclude with what can be learned from this source. Small advocacy action: Explain what type of advocacy and action is needed by you to bring your issue to the attention of the target audience. Large advocacy action: Write about a reasonable action that could be taken by the target audience to address the issue. In addition, explain how different stakeholders (teachers, school leaders, parents, children, other community members) could be affected and/or play a role. Commentary: Write a concluding paragraph about why you chose this issue to advocate for. Why is this issue personally meaningful to you? How does this topic impact you as an early childhood educator?

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