Special Education Law Educational Disabilities Article Reviews Total Points: 10
Special Education Law Educational Disabilities Article Reviews Total Points: 10 Due: End of Module 2 Week 2 Locate, read, and critique one journal article, use the following criteria for the following topic: (1) Laws affecting special education; (2) Issues related to teaching strategies for students with special needs; Criteria: Identify the articles using APA format. (1 pt = Included; 0 = points Not included) 1. Distinguish the type of article as being: (1) research study, (2) review of the literature, (3) evaluation of a special education program(s), (4) policy analysis, (5) discussion of best practices, or (6) other - describing what other is. (1 pt. = Distinguished; 0 points = Not distinguished) 2. Discuss the main idea(s) covered in the article. (2 points = Discussed clearly; 1 point = Minimally discussed; 0 points = Not discussed) Response to others is insightful and contributes value. Made genuine comments or asked questions that moved the discussion forward, and added new perspectives to the discussion. 3. Analyze how findings from the article apply to your ideas about collaborating and teaming to work with special education students. (3 points = Clearly stated analysis; 1 point = Adequately analyzed; 0 points = Not analyzed) 4. Identify how this article applies to your teaching practices, in other words, what this topic means to you as a teacher. (3 points = Clearly stated application; 1 point = Adequately applied; 0 points = Not applied) Critiques should be no longer than 2 pages, double-spaced, using 12-point font. Written in APA http://www.ascd.org/publications/books/116019/chapters/Special-Education-and-the-Laws-That-Affect-It.aspx

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