Solve the task below. It is how you have substantiated your text and based on th
Solve the task below. It is how you have substantiated your text and based on this for reasoning and use of concepts, theories and models in your answers that determines your goal fulfillment. Remember to report all sources both directly in the text and in a bibliography / source list at the end and above all, be source critical, ie discuss and reason about your source use at the end. Remember to use your own words when writing. You are welcome to use a short quote if you find it appropriate in your reasoning, but then it is important that you handle the source correctly, directly in the text. Remember that now you should not have to revise your text, ie now you should be able to independently perform your reasoning. 1-2 pages. You write in Times New Roman, size 12, 1 ½ line spacing, remember to write your name. A recession is characterized by low prices, low interest rates, high unemployment and high corporate stocks (nowadays companies have hardly any stocks, but this means that they sell much less than before). I now want you to describe a normal recession and what it has looked like for Sweden then. Here you can look back in time 20-30 years. Right now we seem to be heading into a recession that the world has not seen since the Great Depression of 1929 which started with the great stock market crash in New York. But it is not an ordinary recession we see, it is caused by a worldwide pandemic, the Corona pandemic and the war between Russia and Ukraine. This condition simply does not behave at all like a "normal" recession. Now I want you to describe how this economic crisis arose, what it looks like today, you should use Sweden as an example, but since no country is an isolated island but trades with the whole world in the form of both imports and exports, you also need talk about other countries, select some examples. You need to look at interest rates, currency, inflation, supply / demand for goods and services and unemployment (can it be certain industries?) Growth, imports-exports. Reason about what political economic decisions may come now and also about how the Riksbank may act. You need to substantiate your text with facts from reliable sources. You should then reason about this (think about how everything is connected, reason in several stages) and draw a conclusion from it. That is to say, you should compare a normal recession with this recession caused by the Corona pandemic and the war between Ukraine and Russia. Remember to read the instructions carefully!

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