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skip to main content English 4: Part 1 General Program Update alerts - You have new alerts SH Sabrina Hicks Assignments [03] Lesson 3: Creative Archetype Assignment [03] Lesson 3: Creative Archetype Assignment Hide Assignment Information Turnitin® Turnitin® enabledThis assignment will be submitted to Turnitin®. Instructions archetypes Please click HERE to run your paper through Turnitin to check for grammar and plagiarism errors prior to submitting for a grade. Keep in mind that any work submitted to the Check Your Work folder WILL NOT be graded or even seen by your teacher. This folder is used solely as a place for you to check your drafts and get feedback before it's graded. To access the feedback, go to Assessments, Assignments, and click on View Feedback. Select ONE of the following prompts. Be sure to follow the directions. Prompt 1: Short Story Create a short story using all you have learned so far in the unit. Include archetypes, literary elements, figurative language, and academic vocabulary words you learned in the course to shape your story. What is the setting, plot, characters, etc. How will you use figurative language such as metaphor and alliteration? What type of characters will you include? Ensure that you also demonstrate a clear point-of-view such as omniscient, limited omniscient, third-person, narrative, or first person, within your story. Your short story should include a title, and be a minimum of 1 page and a maximum of 5 pages in length. Please submit a typed paper, using Times New Roman, 12 pt. font, and double-spaced lines (Please space your lines). Be sure to also use paragraph formatting, with the first line of each paragraph being indented. Prompt 2: Literary Service Announcement (LSA) Assignment You have had a relationship with archetypes since a young age—Carl Jung might argue this is true since your conception. In fact, many movies and sitcoms use archetypes as part of their humor (think of the hero in "Spiderman," or the villainous Joker in "Batman"). Throughout this unit, you have identified common archetypes across ancient and modern texts and visuals. Choose the ONE archetype you most relate to, recognize, and/or like. Create a public service announcement that educates your audience on the role of the archetype as well as persuades them that your archetype is one of the greatest—most common, most powerful, most dynamic (changes the most), most unique, etc. The guidelines for the LSA are below. I look forward to your LSA! Be as creative as you want! Guidelines In your LSA you should... Educate inform the reader of the common uses of the archetype. give examples. include content that is developed and shows mature thought. ensure ideas are organized strategically. ensure grammar and spelling are polished. Persuade ensure word choice is purposeful. ensure rhetoric is used effectively. ensure presentation is geared towards audience. ensure excellent use of creativity in some form to sell your archetype. use creative elements (examples include images, music, modern day connections, performance). Pay attention to Length Videos must be 30 seconds long. Can go up to 1:00. No longer than 1:00. Include words/captions. Power points must be 8-10 slides (not including the title and reference slides)--with main points bulletted on each slide, and 25-50 words per slide. Below are samples done by students (you must come up with your own idea). Archetype Sample LSA1-Mask Archetype LSA2-Beast Archetype LSA3-Devil Figure Archetype Before you submit, check the following: 1. Have I read the rubric? 2. Does my paper/project fully address the prompt? 3. If needed, are my paper and sources in MLA format? The paper should be Times New Roman, 12 pt. font, double-spaced. Click here for an example paper in MLA. Click here to see a sample Works Cited page. Need further assistance on how to cite? View this short video: How to Format Your Paper and Create Works Cite Page Plagiarism Check Your paper will be screened for plagiarism. If you feel you need help in this area, please email your teacher, visit our online library (the Learning Resource Center), or feel free to book a one-on-one appointment with a writing coach. Appointments are available HERE. Click HERE to access the JMHS Plagiarism Policy. Hide Rubrics Rubric Name: *Creative Short Story *Creative Short Story — / 100 Rubric Name: *Literary Service Announcement (LSA) Assignment *Literary Service Announcement (LSA) Assignment — / 100 Submit Assignment Files to submit (0) file(s) to submit After uploading, you must click Submit to complete the submission. Comments Skip Toolbars for Comments. Paragraph

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