Select one of the core social institutions and explain how the evolution of that
Select one of the core social institutions and explain how the evolution of that social institution has led led to the formation of new, nonprofit social organizations. Give examples to support your ideas and speculate about what the future might hold for your selected social institution. NOTE: you need to include the requisite number of additional citations/resources for your paper to be considered for full credit. All papers should follow ASA or APA guidelines. Instructions: Each paper will be a 1000-1500 word reflection on the material, discussion board and annotated bibliography. Better papers have these general characteristics: (1) they provide reasonable responses to the question asked, (2) they have broad, general, summarizing statements, (3) they incorporate outside material, and (4) they show depth in the topic through original thought. For assistance in writing an essay response, you might wish to try: OWL@Purdue Each paper will follow APA or MLA citation style and will have at least 3 peer-reviewed references outside of the text. Human Institutions : A Theory of Societal Evolution Authors: Jonathan H. Turner Publication Information: Lanham : Rowman & Littlefield Publishers. 2003 Resource Type: eBook. Description: In recent years'the New Institutionalism'has focused more on organizations in their social and cultural environments than on societal-level institutional systems. Thus, missing from these studies has been a larger sociological analysis of institutions, per se. In his newest book, leading social theorist Jonathan H. Turner offers a creative, richly grounded reinterpretation of social evolution. He ressurrects a level of analysis undertaken by earlier functionalist theorists, but with a new-found emphasis—that of discovering the larger forces driving the formation of human institutional systems. Only by exploring the larger macro-dynamics can the institutions of economy, kinship, religion, polity, law, and education be fully understood, as Turner persuasively shows in this magesterial explication of twenty millenia of human social life. Subjects: Social institutions Social evolution Categories: SOCIAL SCIENCE / Sociology / General Related ISBNs: 9780742525580. 9780742525597. 9780585463841. OCLC: 52808051 Accession Number: 87603

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