READ THE FILE IT IMPORTANT TO FOLLOW REBRIC AND READ EAC AND EVERYTHING READ FILE SAVE AS PDF By the end of this week’s assignment, you will have identified your variables, written your hypothesis, and identified a sample and population. Further definition of your methods will follow in week 4. Go back to any feedback that you received on your Week 2 assignment. Be sure to implement the suggestions and fix any APA issues that you may have with your literature review. Now add a research statement describing the purpose of your research and how it relates to the literature that you reviewed. Did you discover any gaps or contradictions in the literature that you want to address? Are there any findings that you want to strengthen or expand upon? Describe the variables that you are interested in studying and define them “operationally.” Then state your hypothesis. Next, go into detail describing your target population, which is the group of people from whom you want to draw a conclusion once the research study is finished. What is your sample that you will study? How do you decide which individuals to include and which not to include? What characteristics must an individual have to become a participant in your study? Where do you find these people and how will you recruit them and how many? Will you engage in any randomization? If yes, describe how. If not, explain why. How will the selection of your sample influence the generalizability of your study? Your submission for this week will be your edited literature review with the additional methods section above. You want to make sure your paper is cohesive and well organized. This process is iterative, so if you feel that you have or need to change your research question and/or any parts of your proposal after designing your methods, feel free to go back and change your earlier writings in this week's paper so that they make sense. Supplemental Resources: Writing a Methods Section (Links to an external site.) This video [9:29] describes how to write the methods section in an APA style research paper. How to View Assignment and In-Document Comments in Canvas (Links to an external site.) This video [1:49] will show students how to find comments left by their instructor, especially those left within a student’s assignment. Additional Considerations: Be sure to write 5-6 pages not counting the cover and reference pages. Cite your sources using APA formatting (Links to an external site.) Assignments are due by Saturday at 11:59 PM EST Make sure to look at the rubric for this assignment before you begin!!! It will give you a better idea of how this assignment will be evaluated Sources:

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