Read the case “David Dao on United Airlines” found in your coursepack. Respond t
Read the case "David Dao on United Airlines" found in your coursepack. Respond to the following questions: Define United Airlines' DNA. Take into account that this is a highly regulated industry. Which DNA characteristics follow industry norms? Which are unique to United? The event and decision-making in this case took place in spring 2017 and continues to impact the reputation of United Airlines. Use the case and your own research to scan the environment at that time and identify two potential issues that, as vice president of issues management, you could have anticipated as being consistent with United's DNA and two potential issues that could be identified as being out of sync with public expectations (this may or may not be part of United's DNA). Explain your reasoning for each issue that you list. United Airlines' CEO Oscar Munoz was named Communicator of the Year 2017 by PRWeek (prior to the incident). How did his charge to focus on employees influence United's first response to the David Dao crisis? Write a new (and improved) initial public statement on the issue from CEO Oscar Munoz. Develop 3-4 short bullet points that begin to transform United from villain to vindicator. See PRWeek's "United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz Named PRWeek U.S. Communicator of the Year" "David Dao on United Airlines" Harvard Business Review (917026-PDF-ENG) (coursepack reading

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