Read Chs 12-13 (book attached)
Read Chs 12-13 (book attached) Use the link above to review the COVID-19 Vaccines Information Sheet sourced from the CDC. 1. Identify the type of instructional material used and briefly describe it according to the guidelines presented within the chapter material. For example, this is a printed educational material (PEM). a. Identify the population that this material will be most advantageous for and which population will not benefit from this type? b. Analyze the general principles each information presented:  Use the different tools for measuring format, attractiveness (use of colored illustrations, etc), understandability of language, tone, etc  What do you suggest should be added and removed/revised from this PEM? Be very specific and state reasons. 2. Considering other populations that may not benefit from this PEM, a. recommend 2 other instructional materials that could be used that can impact acceptance of the COVID-19 vaccine, e.g. health-related websites; gaming sites, audiotape, telenovelas, endorsements by popular public figures, etc. b. From your other two technology choices, briefly identify which population can benefit from each technology, reasons for the choice, and describe how these can impact learner outcomes. Always cite your work using APA (7th edition). Your initial response should be 300 words in length, reflecting on the prompt above. Your responses should be referenced or cited using professional literature following the APA (7th ed) format.

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