Question for the Midterm on Rocky Flats and Hanford: The following is a concepti
Question for the Midterm on Rocky Flats and Hanford: The following is a conception by Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1951 based on his address to the Council of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization: “Because, therefore, we are defending a way of life, we must be respectful of that way of life as we proceed to the solution of our problem. {Here he was referring to Cold War adversaries the Soviet Union with nuclear weapons capability and China which was soon to acquire nuclear weapons. Both communist adversaries wanted to impose their authoritarian model of the relationship of the individual to the state on the people of America.} We must not violate its principles and precepts, and we must not destroy from within what we are trying to defend from without.” You will use your own template of meaning to make an informed judgment about the experience of the United States in defending from without from the point of view of whether we violated the “principles and precepts” of the American way of life? ———————————— Question for the Midterm on the Soviet Union/Russia: Were the actions of the Soviet Union/Russia in the Chelyabinsk region and with the Soviet nuclear fleet in the Arctic during the Cold War and after the moral equivalent of what the United States did at Hanford and Rocky Flats? ———————————— Question for the Midterm on Humanities Experience with Nuclear Weapons Utilizing the insights of Kai Erikson’s New Species of Trouble, John Holdren’s Dynamics of the Nuclear Arms Race and Albert Einstein’s penetrating observations as frameworks, what has humanity’s experience been with nuclear weapons?

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