Prompt: A student has submitted an assignment. Here is what you know at first g
Prompt: A student has submitted an assignment. Here is what you know at first glance about this assignment and student: the assignment was a 75% match on there was no template or set of instructions accidentally left in the document. it's the first time this student has submitted anything about a 10% match. it's the first research-based assignment you've personally assigned all term. students were taught about MLA, APA, and Chicago formatting in previous years with other instructors. It is determined that the student should not be punitively punished, but remediated through individualized learning. When you look at the details of the report, you see that: the first two paragraphs were a match to a project the student had submitted on this topic last year. sections in the body were copied and pasted from sources cited in the reference page without in-text citations or quotation marks. the portions of text that did not show a match were brief narratives to connect the facts between the uncited quotes. The student was presenting some original analysis. There was a ratio of 4:1 between research and the student's content. some passages were quotes from the source with one or two words being modified/swapped. a Reference page was included with all of the sources listed in the report, yet the citations were incomplete (you can select the format for the student based on one that you would personally use in your discipline/classroom). Part 1: Develop an individualized learning plan for the student to remediate the plagiarism issue using the attached template. Your individualized learning plan should include: Three (3) learning outcomes for the student Describe a formative assessment (eg. homework or independent in-class activity) that you want the student to complete for each learning outcome. Note at least one resource to support the learner in completing each activity. Describe a summative assessment to determine if the student has met the learning outcome. Part 2: Write a reflection about the choices you made in part 1. This should address: Why did you selected these learning outcomes based on the situation for the student? How do you feel these resources would be helpful to this learner in particular? How does your method for assessment best challenge the student so that this situation does not occur again? Based on your reading this week, why do you think an individualized learning plan was necessary/requested here and not a differentiated learning plan? Length Requirement: one to two (1-2) pages, not including Part 1 Format Requirement: APA Research Requirement: a minimum of three (3) resources should be cited in the template for Part 1 to support the learner.

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