please write lecture notes under each slides with different wording. Guidelines
please write lecture notes under each slides with different wording. Guidelines for Service-Learning Project: Health Teaching Identify an “at risk” group within your community that you could conduct a health teaching with. Assess the health needs of the group and determine a topic to teach that will address one (1) health (issue) need you have assessed. Your group (5-10 persons) that you will educate (teach) could be from a church, community gathering, school, or social group. Please be advised that this group should not be in-patients, colleagues and/or staff at work (unless they are a part of one of the aforementioned groups). Seek permission from and set a time with the relevant authority person to conduct the teaching session. Please send an email to your Instructor via Canvas if proof of this assignment is requested by the person giving permission for your teaching session. Develop a PowerPoint presentation based on the health issue that you have identified with your “at risk” group. However, you could conduct this “at risk” group via an appropriate mode of delivery e.g. discussion with the group, but your assignment must be submitted via PowerPoint slides. Conduct a teaching session with your “at risk” group and evaluate their learning. Submit at least three (3) participants’ completed hand written evaluation forms (please access forms in the Assignment Guidelines and Writing Resources module on Canvas). Additionally, submit a photograph of you delivering the presentation (do not include photographs of the participants’ faces), and provide the name and phone number of one participant who is willing to discuss his/her impressions of your work with the instructor. Please include this information in the last few slides of the PowerPoint presentation and submit your PowerPoint presentation to the assigned drop box in week 6. Please know that your project will not be graded without this information on your last few slides. Note: Lecture notes must be under respective slides (worth 30 points). Guidelines for PowerPoint Slides Develop a PowerPoint presentation based on the topic you will teach to the group. Slide 1 should be your title slide. It should have the topic of your presentation, your name under the topic and Florida Gateway College under your name. Nothing else. State the healthcare need (issue) that you will address with this group and why. (slide 2) State at least three (3) outcomes/objectives for this group. Please start with a preamble such as, By the end of this teaching session, the participants should be able to: then list each objective starting with a measurable verb such as (Discuss, List, State, Identify, Verbalize ) Your verbs should be what you expect your participants to be able to do at the end of your presentation. Please do not start all of your objectives with the same verb and place a period after each verb. (slide 3) Have content slides with lecture notes written under each slide to address what you will say during the presentation of this slide. Do not crowd your slide and do not have too much “white (empty) space.” Make sure that you have a citation in each slide to support the slide information (remember that a citation is not a reference—See your APA manual for the difference). The content should be relevant, well organized with a logical flow. It should also be accurate with a citation(s) that supports the respective content. (4 to 6 slides for content) Have an evaluation slide with at least three (3) questions for your participants. Have answers for each question in the lecture notes area under the slide. (1 slide) Have a reference slide with at least three (3) references (proper APA—see APA manual, and each should match a citation that you have provided on your content slides. (1 slide) After you have completed your teaching session, please add the completed evaluations, photo of you presenting, and the name and phone contact for one of your participants on slides at the end of the presentation. Please make sure that everything that you add is readable for proper evaluation by your instructor. (4-5 slides). Please note that your presentation will not be graded without this information on the last few slides of your presentation.

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