PLEASE SEE ATTACHED FOR FULL REQUIREMENTS Please provide 1 powerpoint file with
PLEASE SEE ATTACHED FOR FULL REQUIREMENTS Please provide 1 powerpoint file with at least 8 slides Please provide 1 word file with the talking for each slide. Required Submissions A series of 8-12 slides (also referred to as a presentation or slidedeck) A corresponding written script with 1-2 paragraphs of written narration describing each slide In this assignment, you will identify and explore three separate areas within the study of psychology that include biological functions, scientific method and modern psychological perspectives. Section 1: Select what you consider to be the three most interesting examples of how biological functions (for example, the nervous system) are related to our understanding of psychology. Provide examples that demonstrate how anatomical structures and functions relate to different areas of study within the field of psychology, such as social, organizational, cognitive, counseling, or developmental. (2-3 slides) Section 2: Describe the scientific method used in psychology and how it can be applied to research associated with consciousness, sleep, sleep disorders, and hypnosis. Be sure to explain how these topics are relevant and why they are interesting to study. (2-3 slides) Section 3: Choose four of the seven modern psychological perspectives listed and explain the similarities and differences between them. (4-6 slides) The Psychodynamic Perspective The Behavioral Perspective The Humanistic Perspective The Biophysical Perspective The Cognitive Perspective The Sociocultural Perspective The Evolutionary Perspective

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