Please number and use list for each question. SECTION 5 INSTRUCTIONAL DECISION M
Please number and use list for each question. SECTION 5 INSTRUCTIONAL DECISION MAKING INSTRUCTIONAL DECISION MAKING The teacher reflects on professional practices including differentiating instruction, modifying instruction, and communicating with students. TASK Describe how teaching strategies were modified during instruction based on student behavior, questions, responses, and/or performance. Describe how learning experiences were differentiated or modified based on formative assessment data analysis. Describe communication with students regarding their progress. Prompt: In your discussion, include the following: 1. Instructional modifications based on needs of students Describe and provide an example of how teaching and/or learning strategies were modified from the original plan to meet the needs of students based on student performance during instruction. (Examples: changing from groups of 4 to pairs, modifying an activity from the original lesson plan, deleting something from the lesson plan or adding something to the lesson plan, etc.) Justify your reasoning for making this accommodation/modification and give specific student behaviors, questions, and/or responses that prompted you to make the accommodation/modification. Describe how the accommodation/modification led students toward meeting objectives. Consider providing a research-based citation for accommodations/modifications. 2. Instructional differentiation or modifications based on formative assessments Describe how formative assessment data were analyzed. Provide at least one example of how assessment data analysis led to differentiate or modify a specific learning experience of a previously planned activity to accommodate differences in developmental and/or educational needs of students. Consider additional areas of discussion, which could include but are not limited to multiple examples of research-based modifications of instruction to accommodate individual needs of students.

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