Part I This part should be afloat 300 words, APA citation If you were tasked wi
Part I This part should be afloat 300 words, APA citation If you were tasked with assembling a 'toolkit' using only free or open-source tools to perform network security assessment. 1) What software applications or "tools" would you use? 2) What platform (Operating System) would you use? 3) How does this toolkit differ from that you would use for an application security assessment, wireless security assessment? You can list other types of related assessments if you know if how you might adjust for the given scenario. Your answer should include the terms, concepts, and theories Part II This part should be two pages, with two high-quality sources Assignment: · You have been hired as a security consultant to perform a risk assessment on the network of a Fortune 500 company. Some assumptions can be made about this. First, the company has a large budget so costs should not be a consideration in your risk assessment methodology. Second, interviews of key personnel may be difficult due to the global presence of the company. However, you will have access to ample data from the headquarters. Give this, Describe the purpose of a risk assessment and scope. Identify critical areas for this assessment. Select a risk assessment methodology (qualitative or quantitative) and give your rationale behind the one you chose. Do not simply use your opinion. Use the literature to support your decision. *Please use APA citation and Please provide plagiarism at the time of submitting. Thank You

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