Overview In this Competency, you will finalize your work on your Strategy Playbo
Overview In this Competency, you will finalize your work on your Strategy Playbook for Exceptional Results, which you have been building throughout the three Competencies in this Area of Expertise. For this Assessment, you will continue to draw upon the knowledge and skills that you have gained throughout your MBA program to design a strategy and implementation plan for your selected organization. You will also synthesize your work on the playbook in an executive summary. Assessment Submission Length: 8–10 pages, comprising Section 3 of the playbook and the executive summary Instructions To complete this Assessment, do the following: Continue to use the organization you selected in SU001 for the purpose of this Assessment. In the SU003_Assessment_Template file, complete Section 3 of your playbook, using your Pre-Assessment submission as a starting point and incorporating any feedback as appropriate. In addition, refine Sections 1 and 2 of your playbook and ensure that all three sections are in a final, polished format. To conclude your work, you will also craft an executive summary that will bring together all of your recommendations for your selected organization. Be sure to adhere to the indicated assignment length. Please Note: The 8- to 10-page submission length guideline for this Assessment refers to Section 3 and the executive summary of your playbook. The final submitted document, however, must also contain all previous work completed in SU001 and SU002. Before submitting your Assessment, carefully review the rubric. All submissions must follow the conventions of scholarly writing. Properly formatted APA citations and references must be provided where appropriate. Strategy Playbook for Exceptional Results: Section 3 and the Executive Summary For this Assessment, you will continue in the role of consultant who has been hired by the CEO of your selected company to lead a tiger team that has been given the task of addressing issues facing the organization. You will build on the work you did in the previous Competencies and will finalize development of your Strategy Playbook for Exceptional Results in order to present it to the CEO. You will continue to use the same organization that you selected in the first Competency. At this point, you have already analyzed the culture, social and economic climate, and purpose of the organization and evaluated the organization’s health and readiness and opportunities for change. In this final section, you will pull together all of your previous work and will develop a strategy for the organization to address the issue(s) you have identified to help the organization improve its performance over the next 3–5 years. As in the previous Competencies and for the purposes of this exercise, you are at liberty to utilize your creativity to fill in gaps in the details about the organization. Be sure to consider the different functional areas, or business units, within the organization to ensure thorough strategy development, validation, and implementation. Compile Section 3 of your playbook, being sure to address the requirements for the following three parts and including specific examples (where appropriate), as well as relevant citations from the Learning Activities, the Walden Library, and/or other appropriate academic sources to support your work. In addition, as you compile your final, polished document (to include Sections 1–3), incorporate any feedback from your previous work and craft an executive summary (instructions for which follow Section 3) that will serve as page 1 of your playbook. Section 3: The Organizational Strategy Part 1: Developing the Strategy In the first part of your strategy development, address the following: Based on the organizational issue previously identified (and in light of the organization’s mission, culture, and practices), propose the strategy you will develop for the organization related to improved organizational performance. Examine how the diverse perspectives of the organization’s internal and external customers/stakeholders (i.e., customers, employees, and the community) influence the development and execution of this business strategy. Identify anticipated risks associated with your proposed business strategy. Part 2: Validating the Strategy In the second part of your strategy development, address the following: Explain how strategic planning can provide a sense of direction and help in the development of measurable goals. Analyze your strategy utilizing the following validation tools. (Provide the notes for each analysis in the Appendix of your document.) Strategy map for your selected organization P.E.S.T. Analysis Five Forces Analysis Key Success Factor Analysis Stakeholder Analysis Synthesize the results of the analyses you performed using the validation tools in the narrative section of your Playbook. Part 3: Implementing the Strategy In the third part of your strategy development, address the following: Explain how a strategy framework can provide the foundation for your overall business strategy. Explain the purpose of strategy reporting and how it can lead to a competitive business strategy. Analyze the effects of the organization’s mission/vision and its practices related to diversity and corporate social responsibility/positive social change on implementation of your proposed strategy. Using all the information gathered from your work so far, explain how you would implement your proposed strategy. As part of the implementation, propose a recommended approach to effective change management leadership that would promote the success of strategy implementation. Recommend strategies for mitigating any anticipated risks identified in Part 1. Executive Summary Provide a 1-page executive summary for your entire Strategy Playbook as follows: Clearly identify the purpose of the playbook for the organization (from Section 1). Summarize the results of your evaluation (from Section 2). Concisely synthesize your recommendations for business strategy development and implementation for improved organizational performance. Tasks: 1. make a 3-4 pages pre-assessment with outlines and bullets by the last two works( uploaded both files), make sure you will use citation/references, major and minor points must add to the paper. Also, introduction 2. make a 10 pages main paper. You have to make a detailed intorduction and executive summary+use in each sections citations. 3. uploaded the first section and second section( last two work) and use them for the revison. 4. make the section 3 paper with all the neccessary requiremnets Use the uploaded written template for both work, and use the uploaded grading RUBRIC-it has all the requirements

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