Organizational Attractiveness Audit Paper (worth up to 150 points or 15% of the
Organizational Attractiveness Audit Paper (worth up to 150 points or 15% of the overall grade in the course) Read the HR Decision-Making Exercise: Organizational Attractiveness Audit (page 102, Data Book) Introduction & Background Information on the Issue: Give a brief introduction to the facts and issue presented in the case and explain the issue in the case and how that issue is demonstrated by the facts in the case. Responses to Exercise Questions Below: Give thoughtful responses to the case questions. Make sure your answers demonstrate understanding and analysis of course materials and concepts (so – quote or paraphrase textbook/course content). Develop a plan to examine why employees are hesitant to join the organization and always seem to be leaving. How can you access why employees turn down job offers? How might you access why employees are leaving? After you choose your method of measurement (i.e., focus groups, survey, interviews, etc., develop an instrument, including the questions to be included. How would you analyze the data to identify the top reasons for employee departures? Let’s assume you found out the top three reasons for low job acceptance to your company are as follows: Management is very authoritarian and not supportive of employees. When potential applicants read the comments on, it scares them off. Compensation is below average compared with other similar organizations. Employees feel they are working all the time with little downtime. This is especially true in the call center when calls can be stressful and plentiful at peak times. What would your proposed action plan be to deal with these issues? Be specific, and make sure your recommendations focus on recruitment, selection, training, compensation, and any other stages of the employment cycle. Include References (in APA format) Technical and Grading Requirements: The paper must be typed, double-spaced, 12-point font, one-inch margins, 2-3 pages. Your paper must be at least 2 full pages of text. Page count does not include the title page or reference list. You will not be penalized for a paper longer than 3 pages. Proper spelling, grammar, and sentence structure count so please take time to reread, proofread, and rewrite for clarity. Full paragraphs; written in essay style. No bulleted lists. A thorough response to each section listed above Demonstrate understanding and application of course materials and concepts Some unique thoughts and ideas APA Citation Style – make sure you cite your sources within the paper and at the end. Your paper must be posted in .doc or .docx or pdf format.

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