(((((My topic is Feminism in “The Yellow Wallpaper”))))) Choose one of the works
(((((My topic is Feminism in "The Yellow Wallpaper"))))) Choose one of the works from the syllabus and write an 6-8 page essay, supported by research, that presents an interpretation of the work from one of the critical perspectives discussed in this class. Your paper should use literary terms to isolate specific aspects of the form that you wish to examine, and you should offer plenty of evidence from the text to support your interpretation. Design your paper as a contribution to the various other readings of the text to be found in your research. Be sure to have a clear, focused thesis, which you develop through a series of paragraphs that advance your supporting ideas. The essay will be graded on content (unity, clarity, originality, and accuracy), support (use of evidence, use of research, development with commentary), organization (order of ideas, logic, structure), and style (sentence skills). If necessary, be sure to review the basic structure of both paragraphs and essays.

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