Module 2: Dimensions of Culture Discussion: Leading and Motivating a Multicultur
Module 2: Dimensions of Culture Discussion: Leading and Motivating a Multicultural Workforce The material in this module compels us to understand that traditional motivators are culture bound and that what works in our own culture may not be the best motivator in another country. Once again, this Discussion is broken into weekly topics. You must participate in both topics to receive full credit. Week 1 Describe a specific reward that motivates you. How does that type of reward appeal to your values as a member of an individualist society? Would this reward be as effective at motivating workers in a collectivist culture? Why or why not? Choose one of the following leadership functions and contrast how these functions would most effectively be carried out according to one of Hofstede’s dimensions (your choice). In responding to another student’s post, examine the same leadership function within a culture displaying another of Hofstede’s dimensions. Suggested leadership functions: Recruiting new talent Retaining valued employees, customers, or clients Decision-making processes Measuring performance Correcting performance problems Determining organizational structure Resolving conflict Identifying your own leadership function

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