** MODULE 1 LECTURE IS ATTACHED ** Module 1: Healthcare Providers After reading
** MODULE 1 LECTURE IS ATTACHED ** Module 1: Healthcare Providers After reading the content of this module, please answer the following questions: 1. Should healthcare providers, including APRNs, strive to achieve herd immunity for vaccine-preventable diseases through policy development? 2. Why or why not? When you finish your initial post, you are expected to provide a meaningful response to at least two other students. Please make sure that you utilize information from at least two peer-review journals to answer the study question. The topics to be consulted are: Administrative theories Classical, quantitative, and behavioral approaches Organizational culture and its current trends Management in a changing environment Social responsibility and administrative ethics Structure, organizational design, departmentalization, chain of command, centralization, and decentralization Then, choose four of the concepts from the list and answer the following three questions: In your own words, write what the administrative theories' concept means? How important is this concept in Administrative Theories? Why are you interested in that concept? General Instructions for the Discussion Forum Post your answer as established by your instructor on the course calendar. Your comments must be written in your own words. You can offer examples and quotes to support your proposals. Citations of other authors must be properly documented (author's name, title, date, etc.). Post your comments to the response of at least two (2) of your classmates on or before the day set by your instructor on the course calendar. Your reaction may be based on personal experiences, study material, or additional information obtained from the Virtual Library (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) or others, and may include: Some understanding received from what is published synthesizes the information and offers new perspectives or suggestions. The validation or rejection of the idea (supported by your experience or research). New information broadens, adds, or contrasts perspectives (based on reading and evidence). Remember that your work must be original and not contain material copied from books or the internet. You must respect the intellectual property of the authors and not commit plagiarism.

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